Functional mobility training

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MOVE BETTER, FEEL BETTER and ENHANCE YOUR TRAININg PERFORMANCE by restoring your bodys natural movement patterns

Functional Mobility Training

Is your limited mobility holding you back from your full training potential?

Human beings owe their success on this planet to their ability to adapt to their surroundings. However, this ability to adapt can be a curse to modern sedentary humans as we spend too much of our time chained to a desk chair, on the couch binge-watching television or aimlessly scrolling through our phones.

Our bodies have atrophied and become tight, stiff, and sore, adapting to the unnatural environment we have created for it. Mobility training is the method of training we use to help offset and reverse this adaptation, through the restoration of our joint’s natural range of motion and the return to natural movement patterns .

Functional mobility keeps your joints healthy, prevents unhealthy postures and muscle imbalances, and restores your body’s natural movement patterns. 

Functional Movement Screening

How well do you move?

Included in all MB Complete Coaching memberships is an FMS Functional Movement Screen. Using the FMS system, we can determine your movement baseline. Understanding what movements are functional and are ready to be developed and what movements require corrective programing are all detailed in your own digitised report.

Using the FMS App we can provide you with the corrective exercises necessary to optimise your mobility and maximise your training performance.

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