Remedial Massage

– Diploma of Remedial Massage – 

 reduce pain. Increase mobility and move better with targeted massage therapy to accelerate your training recovery 

Remedial Massage

Move better faster

If you’re looking at returning to exercise but haven’t performed any active mobility or functional strength exercise for some time there is no doubt your body isn’t working to its full potential. It is likely to be making compensations in its day to day movements or using what we refer to as your bodies ‘Plan B’.

If your body relies on its ‘Plan B’ movement patterns when performing physical activity, any form of intensity or volume will significant increase the risks of injury, limiting your mobility and inhibiting your movement patterns further.

Functional mobility training is sometimes enough to get us moving better, however occationally a more hands on approach is needed. Remedial Massage techniques are critical to mobilise joints, release tight tissue. Addressing these muscle imbalances improves unhealthy posture and helps take your ‘Plan B’ movement patterns back to your bodies ‘Plan A’.

City Cave

our partners in recovery 

Utilising the world-class facilities of City Cave Newstead a short stroll across the road from Goodlife Fortitude Valley, we offer all our remedial clients a 5-star experience. Specialising in rehabilitation and recovery, City Cave also offer a range of restorative services including float tanks, infrared sauna’s to further enhance your recovery. 

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